Open letter to Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee

Dear Senator Graham:

I was extremely troubled to hear press reports that President Trump was considering appointing Sidney Powell as a special prosecutor to investigate fraud in the 2020 election.

As you are probably aware, Powell was responsible for filing lawsuits fancifully called the “Kraken” in four states. In the Georgia lawsuit, signed by Powell, a false statement appears in the complaint describing an affidavit filed with the suit as that of “a former US Military Intelligence expert” when in fact, the affiant Joshua Merritt was never in military intelligence. Further the affidavit included with the Kraken lawsuits also contains the same false statement. Powell attempted to conceal the identity or Mr. Merritt even from opposing counsel.

Either Powell suborned perjury or she was grossly negligent in vetting her affiant. In either case, such a person is unfit for a position of trust under the United States, and particularly unfit for the job of investigating such a sensitive issue as election fraud.